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DIMENSITY has implemented advanced Item Drop system which allows random generation of any kind of an item. The system generates not only the item type but also carefully systematized characteristics, magic bonuses and racial bonuses. The item finding is based on the experience and the personal characteristics of the Leader for any current moment. However the probability of finding extremely powerful item is not small.

The items will be allocated in classes - common, magical, forged, sets and ancient.

All this variability of items will render the gameplay to be more exiting and dramatic in battles.


These items modify only the main characteristics in battle – attack, attack speed, damage and on the other side defense.


They could alter each of the hero’s characteristics. Despite the main such, the magical items can have up to four additional modifiers increasing certain statistics (for example – hit points, mana, movement speed, magic resistances etc.)


Several certain magic items will form a set and when found by the player, they will give strong additional bonuses until they are set together.


Unique items are more powerful than magical items with the same requirements. Not only they increase the given statistics compared to the magical items, but also can have up to seven modifiers.


The strongest and rarest items in the game. Once found and gathered, certain ancient items will form an Ancient Set. Every race has two unique sets – one for a warrior and one for a mage. The Ancient Sets are extremely powerful but really hard to find.


All other items like potions, quest items, etc.

RPG RTS strategy game

RPS game Dimensity is a hybrid game between role playing and strategy games.

Races, Classes, Items, Quests, Multiplayer, Challenge mode

Dimensity is brand new title developed by the Bulgarian studio Dagger Games. It offers three modes of play – Single Campaigns, Multiplayer and unique Challenge mode.

The Role Playing Strategy Dimensity definitely has to offer the players entertainment due to its well synchronized gameplay elements. There are four races with warrior and mage class each and unique special abilities like combos and magics.

Dimensity which has been developed by the independent game studio in Bulgaria has everything necessary to claim itself the true hybrid between Real Time Strategy and Role Playing Strategy genres.

Both RPG and RTS genres are implemented in Dimensity as core of its gameplay.

In Dimensity the player may take journeys in the vast detailed world as well as take place in epic battles and be a victim of treacherous plots.

Dimensity offers interesting tactical battles, numerous enemies and strategic approach in every single moment of its story.

There are virtually endless combinations of equipment (weapons, armors and miscellaneous items) in Dimensity. The new title of Dagger Games has brought to the table some cool ideas and is fun to play.

There are special skills for both the warrior and the mage class in Dimensity. Both classes available for each of the four races can equip items like weapons, armor, amulets. Also there are a lot of quest items and reward items.

In the single player campaigns there are a lot of quests that can be obtained from NPC. There are quest rewards that can be experience points, weapons or armor.