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Q: What is Dimensity?
A: DIMENSITY is a hack and slash game with strong strategic elements. In the world of DIMENSITY you will have the opportunity to adventure, fight against challenging enemies, lead an army and follow up quests.
Q: Will there be different races to play with?
A: There are four completely different races - humans, triends, elementals and ghosts. Every race has its advantages and weakness in battle. There are also many neutral enemies and NPCs roaming the world of DIMENSITY .
Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: Yes. The LAN game will support up to four players and will involve some features not common for the pure strategy games.
Q: Will there be heroes?
A: Yes. They are called Leaders. Every player must create one before starting the game. On his race, class and specialization depends the whole further game. In both single and LAN game the progress of the Leader is saved to a profile.
Q: What is the Leader profile?
A: In both Single and LAN game the progress of your Leader is saved and transferred to the next game session. This is most interesting in multiplayer because the progress of your leader may vary depending on victories or loses.
Q: Will there be different classes for the Leaders?
A: Yes. Leaders from each race can be either warrior class or a mage class. Warriors rely mostly on brute force while mages have arsenal of destructive spells.
Q: Will the Leaders have special skills?
A: Yes. Every leader has a skill tree. There are: passive skills, spells and combos. For the mage there are various spells from the schools of magic native to his race. Warriors have passive fighting skills and combo attacks. The strike combos are connected to certain weapons. If the leader wears a weapon which grants him a combo move, he will be able to perform it instantly.
Q: What will be the Leader’s equipment?
A: The Leader can use weapons, armor and other items. They are described in the Items section of this site. The Leader has inventory panel where you could equip him. New found items can be stored in the inventory. Also there is Quick bar where you can assign weapons for fast swapping, spells to cast them with a shortkey or potions to restore life and power.
Q: Are there ways to gain experience in the game besides fighting?
A: Absolutely. In every mission your Leader will have to complete certain tasks given in the form of quests. Completing quests is the mechanism of advancing in the game. Also there will be secondary tasks (quests) which will give your Leader additional experience and nice rewards as well.
Q: You said Dimensity is different from the most role playing games. How exactly?
A: In fact in many ways. Most important is that you can raise buildings, produce units and lead an army. This provides a great variety of choices how to approach your goals.
Q: And what about the differences from the classic strategy games?
A: Besides the obvious difference based on the existence of Leaders, skill trees and quest system, there are two important features that need to be considered. The first one is that every Leader (and therefore the entire army under his control) can specialize in many, really many different ways, far beyond the possibilities, offered by the classic strategy games with fixed abilities. The second one is the uniqueness of the multiplayer mode in DIMENSITY.
Q: How can a Leader specialize?
A: We’ve worked hard to give the player the possibility to develop his Leader according to his preferred playing style. The combinations of distribution of Stat and Skill points and the choice of weapons, armor and items to scale certain abilities may transform your Leader in many forms – devastating damage dealer, survivalist, combat healer, supporter of his army or aiding greatly himself. Actually the possibilities are too much to be put in a single answer. There are not any fixed development lines to restrict the Leaders besides their base class – warrior or mage.
Q: What is unique in the multiplayer mode of Dimensity?
A: While having all the classic strategy games features, the difference is that your Leader can advance in level and specialization with every played multiplayer session.

There is a separate multiplayer profile where the progression of your Leader is saved. During the sessions you can find items, distribute points and select equipment. The uniqueness comes from the fact that only the winner retains the obtained experience and items. The defeated loses all he had gathered in the current session. Thus reaching top level and equipment will require skills and you will be rewarded when demonstrating those skills. Combining the intensity of the battles and the fact that you actually lose a lot when defeated makes the gameplay extremely tense and the satisfaction from the victory is adequate to the efforts.
Q: Will there be resources to gather?
A: There is only one resource in DIMENSITY wealth. You can get it in two separate ways – by conquering certain structures or through battle. We have always tried to shift the gameplay towards more aggressive and expansive style. With only one resource the player can concentrate on the tactical engagements. We would like to eliminate the irritating “back to the base” clicks and the attention distractive “fund” calculations.
Q: What is the Challenge mode?
A: It is a form of a single player game. There are maps without connection between each other where you can just enter and play. When finishing the single player campaigns, you can transfer your leader and continue to play with him. You can also create a new leader from every race and class and start to develop him from the beginning. In its core it is a mode which you can choose if you don’t wish to play story driven campaigns or multiplayer. However there are several special features. One is that these maps are more difficult than the campaigns and therefore – a greater challenge. This is how the name for the mode was selected. Other one is that the leader can gain experience and find items, however he will keep them only if he survives to the end. Each map has a single simple goal and the leader is victorious after accomplishing it. Otherwise he loses all he had found. The Challenge mode provides emotional and hazardous way to play DIMENSITY.

RPG RTS strategy game

RPS game Dimensity is a hybrid game between role playing and strategy games.

Races, Classes, Items, Quests, Multiplayer, Challenge mode

Dimensity is brand new title developed by the Bulgarian studio Dagger Games. It offers three modes of play – Single Campaigns, Multiplayer and unique Challenge mode.

The Role Playing Strategy Dimensity definitely has to offer the players entertainment due to its well synchronized gameplay elements. There are four races with warrior and mage class each and unique special abilities like combos and magics.

Dimensity which has been developed by the independent game studio in Bulgaria has everything necessary to claim itself the true hybrid between Real Time Strategy and Role Playing Strategy genres.

Both RPG and RTS genres are implemented in Dimensity as core of its gameplay.

In Dimensity the player may take journeys in the vast detailed world as well as take place in epic battles and be a victim of treacherous plots.

Dimensity offers interesting tactical battles, numerous enemies and strategic approach in every single moment of its story.

There are virtually endless combinations of equipment (weapons, armors and miscellaneous items) in Dimensity. The new title of Dagger Games has brought to the table some cool ideas and is fun to play.

There are special skills for both the warrior and the mage class in Dimensity. Both classes available for each of the four races can equip items like weapons, armor, amulets. Also there are a lot of quest items and reward items.

In the single player campaigns there are a lot of quests that can be obtained from NPC. There are quest rewards that can be experience points, weapons or armor.